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Loan Periods & Fines

We have now eliminated fines on our circulating materials from the Hazelton District Public Library. However, should a patron lose or cause damage to an item, we will charge the appropriate fees in these instances.

Please note that items personally borrowed from another library or borrowed though Inter-Library Loan may be subject to fines as we will apply the owning library’s fine policy to their overdue and missing items.

Collection Description Circulation Policy Fine Rate
Audiobooks Books on CD. Both fiction and non-fiction titles available.

3 week loan

3 renewals

No fines

Something for every reading taste and information need. We are always happy to receive your suggestions for purchase, too!

So that everyone can enjoy our latest acquisitions, patrons are limited to borrowing no more than 2 New Books at a time.

3 week loan

3 renewals

No fines
Local History Collection &
Cassidy Collection
Items of local interest used primarily for research. Some of these items are unique and fragile. Please ask for assistance if you need to access these collections. In-Library Use Only  –
Music CDs We have a small collection of children’s music available for loan. Look for these CDs in our Easy Reader section with the books for young children.

3 week loan

3 renewals

No fines
Newspapers The Interior News.  In-Library Use Only
DVD/Video Movies and informational videos/DVDs for both kids and adults.

1 week loan

2 renewals

No fines


See Section 3100 of the HDPL Constitution and Policy 2021_ V1.2 for more detailed information.