Summer Reading Club

It was another year of summer reading fun thanks to everyone throughout the Hazeltons and beyond who made SRC possible in our communities. In 2017, the Library offered reading clubs in Two Mile, New Town, South Town, Kispiox Valley, Kitwanga, and (of course) here at the library in Old Hazelton. We are already looking forward to more summer fun next year – see you at SRC!




Every year in July and August HDPL offers an array of Summer Reading Club activities throughout the Hazeltons for kids aged 3 and up. Participants can register at any point throughout the summer at any SRC program they attend, including those outside the library. On registration, kids receive a kit to help them track their reading this summer. See our Events Calendar for the full schedule of SRC activities.

As always, this program is free and designed for fun! Participants read what they choose, when they choose, and can attend as many events as they like or none at all. At club meetings, we play games, do crafts, read great books, and generally just have a good time. Children are encouraged to set their own summer reading goal, whatever that may be, and if they meet their goal they will be awarded a shiny new SRC medal at summer’s end.

SRC is sponsored by the British Columbia Library Association, the Libraries Branch of the Ministry of Education, and the Royal Bank. HDPL also gratefully acknowledges the support of the Northwest Library Federation and the Northwest chapter of United Way Success by Six, which make possible our additional SRC activities including special guest performances and community SRC events.

Old Hazelton @ The Library:

July 4-Aug 15

  • Tuesdays 2pm Ages 3-5
  • Thursdays 2pm Ages 6-9
  • Fridays 2pm Ages 10-13

Two Mile @ the park in front of the cemetery:

July 3, 5, 10, 12 and August 21, 23, 28

  • Mondays and Wednesdays 2pm Ages 3-13

New Hazelton @ the Meeting Centre:

July 5-August 16

  • Wednesdays 3pm Ages 3-13

Kitwanga Wednesdays @ the Rec Centre:

July 5-August 16

  • Wednesdays 11 am Ages 3-13

South Hazelton @ Mount Rocher Church Hall:

July 6- August 15

  • Thursdays 3 pm Ages 3-13

Kispiox Valley @ the Rodeo Grounds:

July 10-August 21

  • Mondays 4:40 pm Ages 3-13